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What is probably the last in the DI White series: Damage Done is now on sale through Barking Rian Press at Amazon and other on-line reailers.

We WERE very pleased that two of our older books: The Last Free Men and Merlin's Kin, were to be published by a new publisher: Portals Publishing. Susan Krupp at www.yuneekpix.com produced some outstanding cover illustrations but Portals Publishing have either been unable to achieve any sales in the past year or have been withholding royalties. If the former, then the company must be pretty incompetent since sales were steady before they took over. If it's the latter reason, then that's illegal. Despite many emails, we have been unable to obtain a response and that's just very suspicious.

Illness? Too busy? Lazy? Can't be bothered? One wonders how Ms. Rainey ever thought she could manage a business.

We have already removed other books from their control because contracts have simply been ignored. Ce la vie, one lives and learns!

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While DI White will be hanging up his handcuffs, a key character in that final book: Fizzah Hammad, an eastern Mediterranean woman with few scruples of any kind will be featuring as the main character in the next book. This is under weigh at the moment but Jack Everett is suffering from an eye problem and has had to hang up his pencil for a while. That's going to delay things a little.

Adele Abbot is making progress on a sequel to Postponing Armageddon and gave herself an unexpected shock. She wrote the story - subject to polishing - and discovered she had only half a book length in total. She has now brought back to life, a previously deceased character and is building a continuation to the story line. These things happen! Still, Adele now has two boys in addition to a husband and time is running a little scarce.

David Coles has made a number of short stories available as electronic books. A click on the icon to the left of the opening page on the ArchimedesPresseUK website will take you there. These short stories are free and if there is an interest, we may use this medium to bring out novel-length work work at competitive prices. Please try them out and give us your opinion at archimedespresse@gmail.

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